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Angela Fedele

Welcome to my corner of the web.

My name is Angela and I’m a freelance copywriter in Melbourne, Australia who provides high quality and professional writing to creative industries.

So what can a well-written piece of copy do for you and your business?

As the digital world and its audience demand content in all its forms, good words are becoming increasingly important.

Garnering your audience’s attention is not an easy feat when you’re trying to break through the marketing copy clutter online and the endless scroll of social media, but it is one that I can help you with.

You see, a well-written piece of copy can go viral and welcome a new audience or a loyal following. It can contribute to improving your brand awareness and even encourage a purchase of your product or service. All of which are business worthy things.

But my favourite thing about the ability of good words? They’re considered, they can inspire and they can inform your audience in a non-strategic and authentic way.

So if you have a story to tell through the written word let’s chat and see what we can create together.


 Feature writing is my forte and I provide good, affordable writing that is highly researched, considered and professional.

I also write with marketing smarts (big thanks to my corporate ladder climb in the 2000’s), which means I think about the bigger picture, and not just churning out another article for you.

My clients consist of creative agencies, private customers and media publications and my favourite spaces to play in are architecture, design, fashion and lifestyle.

Still need more information about my background?

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I’m captivated by beautiful design and I write about it here on my blog.

You see, beauty to me moves beyond aesthetic. It is functional, environmentally sound and in many ways, historically memorable.

So here you’ll find select client articles plus my own word musings on beautiful design products, ethical fashion, trend forecasting and environmental initiatives. 

Have a writing project in mind?

Get in touch to see how we can work together.


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