The New Colour Library by Haymes

The New Colour Library by Haymes
March 17, 2016 angela

The New Colour Library by Haymes

In a bid to resourcefully translate trends, Haymes Paint has released a new colour model – The Colour Library that will house the company’s colour stories and themes.

The company are responding to a new wave of trendsetters and followers who are seeking colour forecasts that are not dictated by date or season. It’s about offering informative and timely forecasts so there is no feeling of being outdated. The variances in colour palettes also avoid the industry feeling tied to produce product aligned to a particular trend or consumers feeling like a trend victim.

Rather, globally we are witnessing and preferring trends that evolve. This year, Haymes Colour Library is revealing colour palettes, swatches and considered design images that remain fluid, flexible and recognise a broad range of tastes and preferences.

Colour, in particular, is more than its aesthetic, it triggers emotional and intellectual responses and the library hopes to convert this into conversations about colour and design.

Its inaugural launch will include seven volumes each with a story and colour palette: CURATE, COLLABORATE, CONSIDER, CONSCIOUS, EXPERIENCE, FORM and TIMELESS.

Wendy Rennie, Colour & Concept Manager at Haymes Paint explains why there has been this shift in strategy for Haymes and what it will mean for the future.

“The landscape has dramatically changed in the past few years, particularly with how quickly people can access global trend information via social media and digital platforms.” she said in a statement.

“We are seeing a more fluid environment when it comes to colour sand trends, which makes it difficult to embargo or hold off releasing new information. The Colour Library allows us to move away from putting a date on colour and helps us build an evolving palette that can be changed according to personal style and taste,” added Rennie.

Rennie also raises a common concern from trend creators that might wait to “release” trends only to be late in their delivery of the information. Industry professionals and consumers alike are instead accessing information instantly through a range of online portals.

So why wait?

Volume 1 of the Haymes Colour Libary – CURATE – was launched in partnership with Etsy at an event in Sydney on 16 March 2016.

Below are the full Volumes, some accompanying imagery and beautiful detail from Haymes themselves. Enjoy.


Haymes Paint partnered with for Curate to showcase the handcrafted designs of talented Australian makers.

Rennie explained that the collaboration as a natural fit. “Sharing a commitment to authenticity, creativity and local design provided a strong platform for this partnership to flourish,” she said.

“For ‘Curate’ we selected some handcrafted designs from the Etsy community to represent the contemporary colour palette, which encompasses electric blues, bright coral, rich tan and soft greys,” Wendy said.

The palette and the objects in Curate show how a range of items can become connected simply through their grouping.

Commonality is found in the materials, colours and processes, culminating in a selection of curated pieces that highlight thoughtfully crafted objects and beautiful design.

CURATE - Haymes Colour Library

CURATE – Haymes Colour Library


In collaborating and working with others we can draw on the strength of those around us to reach the goals we desire.

Interiors and beauty embrace in the Collaborate palette. Our Collaborate story starts with a rich, deep and bold palette with an unmistakable botanical look. The lush greens, deep red wines and golden yellows are beautiful yet mysterious, and beg to be expressed visually, as perfectly demonstrated by the detailed illustrations of Louise Jones.

The deep moodiness and the undeniable richness of the colours and their saturation are brought to life in Louise’s artistic interpretation, lending itself to replication in wallpaper design.

COLLABORATE - Haymes Colour Library

COLLABORATE – Haymes Colour Library


Consider is a thoughtful and refreshing palette featuring a blend of colours, including soft pastels of blue, green and yellow paired with earthy neutrals.

Both how and where we work has evolved greatly over time, as have workspaces, from hot desks, to home studies, to communal open plan offices.

We need flexibility and fluidity in how we approach our work; the idea of one office space fits all is over. Our spaces need to encourage optimum productivity and positivity as we deal with a range of tasks from work and home life. The Consider palette is about creating interiors with a fresh and organic feel, which can be multipurposed while also comfortable and motivating. Colour is emotive, and this palette offers the perfect combination of soothing interiors, without being oppressive or boring.

CONSIDER - Haymes Colour Library

CONSIDER – Haymes Colour Library


When dealing with colour it is important to think about the effects they have on space, both physically and emotionally. The colours of the Conscious palette are soft, light and airy, with a feminine feel. They create a space where you can separate from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the household to somewhere more intimate and personal, to recharge and unwind in this ephemeral palette, full of beautiful dusty pinks and blues teamed with warm grey tones.

CONSCIOUS - Haymes Colour Library

CONSCIOUS – Haymes Colour Library


We want a home that enhances our experience within in it, and colour is essential to heighten the mood and feel to a space. The Experience palette is bright and vibrant, reflecting the way we push our boundaries, to do more, see more and know more.

Zoned areas that are specific and well considered in terms of function and purpose, help to define how we interact within spaces. The palette doesn’t sit quietly in the background; rather it has bright pops of cherry red, purple and yellow, softened by pastels and fresh neutrals. Experience offers a playful palette to create a space to envelope you.

EXPERIENCE - Haymes Colour Library

EXPERIENCE – Haymes Colour Library


Colour is used in interior spaces to determine both the flow and orientation of rooms. The Form palette is about scale and colour, creating abstract interchangeable spaces that can be reconfigured to adapt to the needs of evolving lifestyles. Often spaces need to have more than one purpose to accommodate the needs of the people within it, and Form shows how defining areas with bold colour and simple furniture makes a room more versatile. This room could be a living space, but could easily be adapted to accommodate a bed for guests or a desk for a work space. The adaptability of spaces is necessary for getting the most out of a home. Form is fun and functional, and the colours are definitive and strong in contrast; blue, teal and mustard sit with deep, muddy tones and light, earthy neutrals, which help to ground the heavy accents within the palette.

FORM - Haymes Colour Library

FORM – Haymes Colour Library


Trends come and go; good design beats the test of time. We can make interior choices that will endure time when we know what has worked in the past. The Timeless palette offers a look back to look forward. The palette encompasses and evokes colours of eras gone by, bringing them into the 21st century. Timeless includes Wedgewood blue, burnt reds and terracotta tones, sitting comfortably alongside clay neutrals to recreate a palette that moves from then to now.

TIMELESS - Haymes Colour Library

TIMELESS – Haymes Colour Library

For more information, visit Haymes Paint

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