Blooms and the Jungle

Blooms and the Jungle
June 8, 2016 angela

Blooms and the Jungle

From patterned floral furniture, leafy textiles and rosy materials; interiors are indeed blooming of late.

Think embroidered florals, lace greenery, and animal illustrations as the design industry utilises nature as its design muse.

The trend is often referred to as ‘botanical’ or ‘nature inspired’ and is being informed by a growing awareness of current environmental challenges. That and a desire to see nature reflected in everyday interior living areas.

But let’s look at the foundation of this design direction.

Last year was certainly the year of indoor greenery; being implemented across residential and commercial spaces. Namely, offices installed green walls and decorated with desk plants while in homes, hanging planters and geometric plant boxes reigned with leafy greens and succulents.

Then there were vases of faux flowers (always blooming) or for those who craved the real thing, a weekly bouquet of flowers were bought from subscription florists. In textiles, designers drew inspiration from the 70’s in the form of paisley patterns and earthy tones.

As we near mid 2016, consumers have a deeper environmental focus on the climate, animal protection, flora and fauna and this is being reflected in both fashion and interiors.

Since fashion and interiors continue to crossover, let’s look to the international fashion runways for their take. Below is Dolce and Gabbana’s Italia is Love collection who highlighted this trend showcasing Mediterranean seascapes and Italian fruits and plants. Their latest collection has built on this with striking florals, artistic botanicals and flowers layered on houndstooth print.

Dolce and Gabbana, Italia is Fashion AFP PHOTO / GIUSEPPE CACACEGIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images

Dolce and Gabbana, Italia is Fashion AFP PHOTO / GIUSEPPE CACACEGIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images

Even Giorgio Armani followed suit, working artful watercolours while Versace breathed new life into the flower chain through their colourful designs.

So while flowers are a given for Spring both in fashion and interiors, in Australia, they remain very on-trend for the cooler months ahead. Specifically, in moodier tones and artistic applications.

Now we’re injecting blooms, seascapes,  jungle themes, florals and butterflies on everything from wallpaper, window coverings to sofa fabric.

Even the experts have reported on it:

The Trend Curve; an international authority for the home furnishing industry reported on this earlier this year following a visit at the Showtime decorative-textiles market.

“…Consumers can expect to see lots of embroidered look on sofas, chairs, ottomans and cushions at retail in the second half of 2016,” the firm wrote. “The types of designs featured will be diverse. Subjects will range from expected birds and florals to coastal icons, abstract scenics and regimented geometrics.”

Monique Collection by Warwick ©

Monique Collection by Warwick ©

Upon the announcement of the 2016 Pantone Colours of the Year (Rose Quartz and Serenity), the colour authority predicted this in both fashion and interiors.

“Serenity and Rose Quartz colored kitchen items and tableware, as well as home accessories like candles, decorative bowls, vases and florals, add subtle color accents while contributing to a welcoming and peaceful space,” Pantone said.

Finally, Amsterdam-based international trend forecaster Milou Ket also saw nature taking hold.

“Jungle and botanical prints will be important,” said Ket of 2016 botanical trends. “We will welcome nature into our homes from animal artwork to pets themselves and wild animals in digital prints.

“However, we will also see photos of natural landscapes, especially from the wilderness.”

“This will then translate into a rise of textured materials including velvets with a lively pile, leather or suede, real or faux fur, appealing to those looking for the touch factor.”

Flora and Fauna Trends by Milou Ket ©

Flora and Fauna Trends by Milou Ket ©

The influence of climate initiatives on trends are now stronger than ever.

Floral prints are meaning so much more than they way they look. They reflect a consumer keen to see more flowers bloom, more bees, more urban greenery.

The jungle prints will be bought by animal lovers and consumer advocates for disappearing tigers or deforestation.

This trend is a beautiful reminder of our responsibility to the climate as consumers crave a return of nature in all its aesthetic forms.

The next step? I believe we’ll see more and more designers team up with climate not-for-profits. Watch this space. 

Cover image is Folie wallpaper by Cole and Son takes you through beautiful French gardens ©

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