Fikissimo: Reclaimed Design Dreams

Fikissimo: Reclaimed Design Dreams
July 7, 2016 angela

Fikissimo: Reclaimed Design Dreams

A building site can be quite the playground for an environmentally focused product designer.

Building material waste is rife from the concrete rubble and wooden off cuts, but it can certainly dream up some beautiful things.

Demonstrating just what can come of reclaimed building materials is European design studio Fikissimo.

Italian design is traditionally renowned for quality and craftsmanship, with Fikissimo holding on to those values with their products made in Italy by passionate artisans. With a handcrafted approach, they create unusual, sculptural furniture and decor items by cleverly fusing the likes of recycled building waste with other materials.


CURL, CUBE AND CHEESE products by Fikissimo (Don’t you love the product names?)

The firm is a branch of production of a company that for over 100 years has been working with cement, lime, iron, wood and other materials.

Products are custom-designed and Fikissimo’s products demonstrate an artistic and industrial aesthetic. This is thanks to the consistent efforts of designers, architects and artisians exploring just how basic building materials can be repurposed into visually pleasing design products.

Cement and Wood

Leaning on their ancestors, one of the studio’s favourite materials to work with is cement. According to their agent, Stefano Luci, “our intention is to highlight the unique qualities of real cement by making use of the experience handed down to us from more than 100 years,” he said. “We do not use resins or additives that would alter its characteristics.”

Along with cement, wood is only treated with natural products and also left in its original state to ensure that the most authentic aesthetic for the material is achieved.


STRING by Fikissimo can house every day items or greenery.


Metal materials are evident throughout the collection, particularly across furniture and helping sculpt some of the unusual shapes.

According to Luci, iron elements are powder painted and baked at 180°C. “This process is done twice for increased weatherproofing,” he explained.

“Thin iron elements cannot be hot dip galvanised. Welded parts are then carefully smoothed down to prevent tearing on clothes.”

While rusted iron elements undergo the same powder coating process, it’s only completed once to hold the transparency effect. This also ensures any protrusions are rounded down to avoid injury.


STILLCEM Furniture Collection by Fikissimo

One of my favourite things about Fikissimo’s designs is that they are truly artful. No piece is the same, with the small imperfections giving each item its only character while also demonstrating the dedicated craftsmanship of the product.

And if you ask Luci, every piece is constructed with expert hands and craftsman that are truly in love with their work.

In a world of replica furniture and mass production, finding handcrafted, original designs is not an easy feat. So I’m happy to introduce you Fikissimo who are doing wonderful work in the world of art whilst respecting the environment.

You can visit Fikissimo here to see all their unique creations. Enjoy!


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