Angela Fedele


Angela Fedele

It is not too late to turn things around, if we all do our part ~ Jane Goodall. 

Hi, I'm Angela and I'm a writer based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in the environment.

For over 10 years, I have provided editorial and copywriting content to the architecture, design and fashion industries and have written about many products and projects designed to mitigate climate change.

Here on my website you can read about sustainable initiatives, animal protection and clean ocean action.

I hope this platform provides you with useful information and resources which may support you in cultivating sustainable change in your every day life.

~ Angela

The New Natural: Wearing Ocean Plastics

There is also an array of fashion manufacturers who are repurposing ocean plastics into textiles.

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Vertical Forests: Living in Green Skies

You might see an abundance of green walls, plant lined balconies and vegetation sprouting on skyscraper rooftops.

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Understanding Eco-Anxiety And What To Do About It

This concept recognises that mental health is an important element in discussions about climate change.

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Encouraging environmental stories

From wildlife protectors, and climate change makers to sustainable architecture and ethical fashion - I explore the people and the organisations behind an array of environmental initiatives dedicated to protecting our planet.

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