Scrivere (to write)

In 2008 I took my first trip to Italy where I immersed myself in Renaissance art, architectural mastery and the Mediterranean coastlines. This ignited my love of all things design and prompted my freelance writing career.

Since then I have provided editorial content and direction, marketing and social media strategy and copywriting services to the architecture, design and fashion industries.

Freelance writing credentials

Via agencies and my own clientele, I have written hundreds of articles in the design space from fashion runway reviews to Dubai skyscrapers.

Some notable projects include being editor of the print version of FURNISHING International, Australia's leading design journal and contributing over 400 articles on commercial architecture and design for Sourceable, a prominent online industry publication.

I also wrote a host of feature articles for Scyon, building cladding specialists and wrote the content for the Australian launch of FANTACI, pre-designed interiors.

I have also interviewed leading international trend forecasters including Amsterdam based Milou Ket and Yorkshire based Victoria Redshaw providing reports and analysis of industry trends.

Angela Fedele

Environmental Change

I've been an environmental advocate since I can remember and now it is a major subject of my professional writing.

With the current state of our climate and as a consumer and urban dweller, I feel a sense of responsibility to our environment and it's ongoing health.

So from climate-conscious projects, animal species protection to combating clean air, I hope to document some worthy projects for your reading.


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