Atlanta’s Food Forest: A Sustainable Solution to a Food Secure Community – Ep 4, S3

Food Forests are responding to food security and local food production in cities across the globe.

Today, I’ve reached out to The Conservation Fund and one of their community projects which is the Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill, Atlanta. It is currently one of the largest food forests in the US spanning 7.1 acres and is only a few kilometres from the city centre.

This wonderful project is described by the fund as “Agriforestry” which uses agriculture that integrates trees and shrubs with food production to create healthy and ecologically resilient landscapes.

Introducing us to the food forest and its success in the community is Kelsi Eccles. Kelsi is the fund’s Urban Conservation Communications Manager, and primarily focuses on building capacity for community groups and expanding green space through equitable Park development under the Parks with Purpose program. Today she is taking us into the edible food forest to detail this project, how it’s come together and is serving a beautiful community whilst responding to local food production, food insecurity, education, and of course some much needed carbon sequestering to the city.

It is a pioneering project which can be implemented in smaller green areas and is a wonderful addition to cities which continue to lose critical, natural spaces.

You can find out more about the The Conservation Fund, the food forest and other projects through their website or support them through Trees Atlanta.

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