Building Sustainable Communities – Ep 6, Season 2

Sustainable communities can help slow the effects of climate change while lowering your carbon footprint. 

A sustainable community is an area made up of healthy buildings, active green spaces, local engagement and a sharing economy.  Sounds like a nice place to live, right? 

Well, unfortunately in Australia we’re severely lacking in them as we continue to build homes that perform poorly and public spaces that are uninspiring.  But today, we have a guest who has been building and advocating for sustainable communities for 35+ years and is confident we can turn things around. Brett McKenzie, a Master Builder and CEO of Sustainable is passionate about creating sustainable homes and communities that reflect and respond to their environment.

Today we delve deep and discuss the elements that make up a sustainable home, community, recycling and how these healthy spaces will benefit everyone from the occupants to the environment – we’re all in this together.  You can contact Brett at Sustainable or follow the team and see their work on YouTube or Instagram. I hope you enjoy the episode! 

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