Rewilding our Cities & The Power of Plants: A Conversation with Junglefy Ep5, S3

It can be hard to find a green retreat in a concrete-laden city but never before has it been so critical to invite nature back in.

Urban temperatures are rising at an alarming rate, air pollution continues to wreak havoc on our health and our biodiversity is dying.

Our built environment is actually a very suitable foundation to rewild our cities by implementing green walls, rooftop gardens, tree canopy and carbon sequestering green highway corridors. If we do this on scale – as my guest describes it as today – we may just have a chance at reversing some of the damage we’ve done in building cities that have long worked against nature.

Today I speak to Suzie Barnett who is the General Manager of Junglefy who research, grow, design install and maintain living infrastructure.

Suzie is passionate about restorative, resilient cities and innovative ways to reconnect people to nature to create greater health and wellbeing.

We discuss the power of plants, projects in the works, green technology and just how beneficial and critical living infrastructure is to our livelihood.

It’s a very informative and research fuelled conversation which I hope you will enjoy. 

You can visit Junglefy on their website or email them at for more information. Suzie is also chair of biophilic design at The Living Future Institute of Australia which you can explore.

Junglefy are also on Instagram and Twitter 

Some projects discussed today:

Bosco Verticale

One Central Park

Urban Forest

Beulah’s Green Spine

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