Microplastics and Ocean Pollution with Dr Michelle Blewitt – Episode 7, Season 1

Our oceans are in a severe state with the Australian Marine Conservation Society reporting that 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year.

Today I speak to Dr Michelle Blewitt on microplastics (plastics less than 20mm in length) and the damage they’re creating in our oceans and beyond.

Dr Blewitt is the Program Director of AUSMAP (Australian Microplastic Assessment Project) and a Marine Scientist with over 30 years’ experience, with a passion for education, research and conservation.

With a PhD in marine mammal bioacoustics and the effect of human disturbance, her main focus now is marine debris, particularly microplastics.  She is a passionate Environmental Scientist, involved in research as well as extensive community service activities, public speaking and implementing marine education programs, particularly about the impact of litter in the aquatic environment. 

Today we discuss the primary forms of microplastics found in Australian waters and the detrimental effects they’re having on marine and human life. Michelle also introduces us to the AUSMAP method and how we can all help keep microplastics out of the water.

You can learn more about AUSMAP on their website or sign up to one of their local events at https://www.facebook.com/pg/ausmap.au/events/ 

I hope you enjoy the episode. 

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