Shark Protection with Lawrence Chlebeck and Dr Leonardo Guida – Episode 4, Season 1

Sharks and rays are critical to healthy oceans and protecting them is key as they are under threat due to shark finning, fisheries, outdated culling programs and ocean pollution.

So let’s learn how we can help.

In today’s extended episode, we talk all things sharks and rays with Lawrence Chlebeck, a marine biologist and science communicator with Humane Society International and Dr Leonardo Guida, a shark scientist and campaigner at the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

We explore the biology of sharks, current threats and campaigns these organisations are working on to protect them.

Worried about shark attacks? Don’t be, they’re rare despite what you hear in the media and mostly a case of mistaken identity according to Lawrence who also provides insight on outdated culling programs and staying safe in the water.

Dr Guida then talks to us about shark behaviours, threats, keeping the community balance and why you should reconsider your fish n’ chip order.

At the end of this episode I hope you will be informed and inspired to be a part of the Shark Champions community and get to signing some worthy petitions. All links mentioned in the episode are listed below. I hope you enjoy the episode.

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